Vantage Airport Group is pleased to be participating alongside other industry stakeholders in the Harvard T. Chan School for Public Health and the National Preparedness Leadership Initiative’s Aviation Public Health Initiative (APHI).

Led by Harvard environmental, infectious disease and social scientists, this independent multi-phased study is researching opportunities to reduce risks of the spread of COVID-19 via aircraft, airline and airport practices, to provide evidence-based recommendations to keep the flying public safe from check-in to touch-down.

On September 14, the Harvard team released the first of a series of technical bulletins, Face Mask Use in Air Travel, which underscores the critical importance of wearing face masks throughout the air travel journey, which significantly reduces transmission of COVID-19, when layered with other protective measures.

Airports are a critical part of the travel ecosystem, and safety is always the top priority at Vantage’s network of global airports. Since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, Vantage has taken additional rigorous steps to ensure the safety and wellbeing of all employees and passengers. Measures implemented by our network-wide Airport Reactivation Task Force include enhanced facility cleaning and sanitization, and new technologies to promote contactless check-in, security screening, queue management and concessions ordering and delivery.

We look forward to more outcomes of the Aviation Public Health Initiative and will implement any recommended strategies to further reduce health risks for passengers at our airports. By implementing a science-based, multilayered approach to mitigate the spread of COVID-19, and partnering with airlines, aircraft manufacturers and other stakeholders that play a role in the air travel experience, we will protect the health and wellbeing of our shared customers as a growing number return to the skies.